Anniversary of the movement Nuit Debout on the Place de la République

benjamin cremel AFP
Nuit Debout assembly on the Place de la République in Paris on March 31, 2017. Credit: Benjamin Cremel / AFP.

Last weekend, Nuit Debout once again invaded the Place de la République for its first anniversary.

A year later, the movement still remains. To celebrate it, dozens of musicians – professional or not – gathered on the square. Formed a year ago on social networks, the Orchestre Debout played on Sunday night, filling the square with songs and melodies such as the Italian partisan song “Bella ciao” or Anton Dvorak’s “Symphonie du Nouveau Monde”.

“We don’t go back home tonight”.

On March 31 2016, after an umpteenth protest against the Labour Law, thousands of demonstrators decided to stay out of their homes and invide the Place de la République. That is how the movement Nuit Debout began.

It has been a while since we heard about Nuit Debout, that is why the first anniversary was the perfect moment to give a new boost to the movement. The organizers still don’t know exactly which new aspect will have the movement, several events are already planned for the next few weeks, especially regarding the presidential elections.


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